Market Research

"It is your product; therefore it is important that we get a good understanding of your vision for the product and where you see it"

Market intelligence | Literary research | Customer contact | Competitors products

Concept Generation

Conveying our ideas to the customer is one of the most important stages of product deign. This ensures that the design intent is focused in the correct direction.

Invention | Idea exploration | Aesthetics | Line Sketches

Sketched renderings | 3d Modeling | Finishes | Sketches

Product Development

At PPD we use the most up to date 3D CAD software to design and develop individual components, parts and assemblies.

Using a feature based 3d modelling platform allows us to create aesthetically true to life models. These models can simply be used for marketing purposes or in the manufacture of Rapid prototypes. By utilising various RP techniques, we can supply the customer with a physical representation of a concept model.

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